James Thorpe 

James Thorpe is the CEO and owner of the multi award-winning Odd Culture Group, a Sydney-based hospitality group of pubs, bars, restaurants and bottle shops founded in 2017 with the aim of making a career in hospitality enjoyable and sustainable for those working in it.

James’ foray into hospitality happened by accident; while training to be an academic studying philosophy at the University of Sydney, he took a job picking up glasses at a pub in the city to pay rent. By the time he graduated, with an offer in hand for graduate studies at Oxford, he decided he liked kicking around kegs better, turning down the offer and instead taking a full-time job as a cellar manager. Going on to work as an operations manager and venue manager, in 2017 James took the plunge – and an eye-watering loan from the bank – to quit his hospitality job and buy the group’s first pub.

Odd Culture Group now operate some of Sydney’s very best pubs, bars and restaurants, and a bottle shop, and are about to make their first foray to Melbourne.