Tawnya Bahr

Tawnya Bahr is an esteemed culinary expert, Group Executive Chef, podcast host, and one of the visionary co-founders of Straight To The Source who offers invaluable support, advice, and education to the broader foodservice and hospitality sectors.

She has over 26 years of food and hospitality industry experience and is a key advisor for the RAS – Sydney Royal Fine Food competition, Australian Culinary Federation and Fine Food Australia. In addition, Tawnya MCs at food related events such as Chef Of The Year, Aged Care Catering Summit, and regional agritourism events. She also serves as a mentor for Women in Hospitality, empowering and inspiring the next generation of women in the culinary field.

As a qualified chef, culinary judge, and respected restaurant reviewer, Tawnya lends her expertise to shaping industry standards, advocating for Australian producers, and promoting excellence within the supply chain. This expertise also extends to food business strategy, product and menu development, and commercial procurement. Through her speaking engagements, regular ABC radio segments, and educational workshops, Tawnya has empowered countless chefs and front of house professionals to develop a deeper understanding of how our plates are connected to the land.

With an insatiable passion for exploring the source of ingredients and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Tawnya has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between producers and consumers and guiding product innovation through her consulting arm of the business. Her relentless pursuit of quality and authenticity has earned her a reputation as a business trailblazer who revolutionised the way chefs and foodservice professionals gain knowledge around the ingredients they source and cook.

Tawnya is a well-respected industry advisor with a vast network across multiple industry sectors. Her passion for supporting the people behind the scenes in food and culinary innovation, has solidified her position as a true leader and champion of Australian grown ingredients and products. It has also won her numerous accolades in business, entrepreneurship and advocacy for Australian farmers’ markets.